Member Spotlight: Jim Coyle of Nexus Business Solutions

Member Spotlight1 copyCommunity is super important! So each month we feature a business owner in our “Member Spotlight” who understands the joys and struggles of running a business to share a little bit about their experience and what they do.

Jim Coyle

This month it is Jim Coyle (@JimCoyleNexus) of Nexus Business Solutions. At Nexus, he helps owners and their leadership teams get what the want from their business. And he’s about to be a new dad! Congrats, Jim!

Name/Company Name:
Jim Coyle – Nexus Business Solutions

Brief company description
I have run myriad of business. In all the business I ran things got overly complicated and difficult. I started Nexus Business Solutions, to find the simpler way.

After years of searching and crafting many of our own tools at Nexus, I finally found what I had been looking for all those years. Now, if I was honest, I had to get over that it wasn’t by our design. We had crafted some great tools and approaches for helping businesses but nothing as simple and as successful for our clients as the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS). No other system that we have seen, by our design or others, was able to help companies grow 18% year after year like EOS.

What title did you give yourself (i.e. owner, president, CEO, founder)? Why did you choose that title?
Chief Advisor – I say that because my clients don’t care if I am the ‘Owner’ or the ‘President.’ They just care if we can bring them value through the advice and counsel we give them.

How many people do you have on your team?
There are three of us but mostly me.

Best part(s) of being a business owner:
Being able to help companies achieve their dream in the best way I know how. My wife and I are about to have our first child and we see the flexibility of my job being an asset to parenting.

Most challenging part(s) of being a business owner:
I love doing the work (coaching, teaching and facilitating) but really don’t care for selling the services.

One thing you wish someone told you before you started your own business:
Find the way to be seen as the local expert in your field of expertise.

Your business outlook for 2013:
My bell weather for business is my construction clients and things are looking bright. For Nexus we have some great marketing opportunities (radio segment, as well as others) that look like they could help us finish the year strong and make 2014 the best yet.

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  1. Good to see Jim is a member of EOS.

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