Member Spotlight: Jill Salzman, Founding Moms

Meet EnMast member Jill Salzman of Founding Moms, the world’s first and only kid-friendly collective of monthly meetups for mom entrepreneurs. Jill was kind enough to visit with us in between business meetings and erasing her daughter’s artwork off of the kitchen walls!

Name/Company Name:  Jill Salzman of Founding Moms

What title did you give yourself (i.e. owner, president, CEO, founder)? Why did you choose that title? Founder or founding mom — because I run the founding moms!

How many people do you have on your team? If by team you mean employees, none. If by team you mean people I work with each day to make our organization a success, we have hosts of our founding moms’ exchanges in nearly 40 cities whom I work with regularly.

Best part(s) of being a business owner: Flexibility, flexibility and more flexibility. Flexibility in how I manage the folks I work with, flexibility in how I schedule my time, flexibility in the way that my company makes money.

Most challenging part(s) of being a business owner: Oh, where do I begin? Having patience. Understanding my company’s members and customers. Figuring out the best tactics for getting our marketing message across. Finding the time to get everything done. Should I keep going?

One thing you wish someone told you before you started your own business:  That things take time. I may have been told going in, and I am told quite often even now, but it’s been the hardest thing to learn as an entrepreneur and something I remind myself constantly. I want it to happen right now, this very minute, but if it worked that way I don’t think there’d be much in the way of success. Because these things take time.

Your business outlook for 2013: We’re hoping to open many more Founding Moms’ exchanges in many more cities around the world, and we’re already on track to do just that this year. We’re also hopeful that customers will find our business startup kit, The Founding Kit, to be helpful — we just launched it in December so we’re excited to see what comes of it in 2013.

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