Member Spotlight: Becka Bates, BatesMeron

Meet EnMast community member Becka Bates from BatesMeron. Here’s the 411 on Becka and her business:

What title did you give yourself and why? Principal (It means the same thing as owner, but isn’t as smarmy).

beckaHow many people are on your team? Currently 10, plus freelancers in and out.

Best part of being a business owner: I know this sounds contrite, but my clients. Honestly. I feel so honored that so many of them put their trust in us every day. We’ve earned the right to help them make big decisions and we’re very flattered. These are people we have tremendous respect for, when they show that respect back, it’s an awesome feeling.

Worst part of being a business owner: Employees! Who knew it was so much like parenting? I care a lot about my team members and their lives, sometimes too much. Getting to the point where you understand that you’re the only one who will never leave is a long road if you’re sensitive. Letting or watching someone go is the closest I come to regretting being in this position.

One thing you wish someone told you before you started your own business: Well, I think they tried, actually. Don’t low-ball your pricing just to build a client list. If you’re like me and you get attached, it’s very hard to let clients go when you outgrow them.

Your business outlook for 2013: I have high hopes. I think the election had things in flux—and no matter what you wanted the result to be, at least you’re not holding your breath any longer. I’ve got my best team ever right now—smart, talented minds who are eager to do great work. If that doesn’t lift my spirits, what can? I feel like business is sick of being on standby and everyone realizes that if we push at the same time, it will make an impact. We’ve hired two new talents and will be moving to a larger office space in 2013.

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Bridget Ingebrigtsen

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