Member Spotlight: Adrian Gershom, Offshoot Design

AGBlinkingMeet EnMast community member Adrian Gershom from Offshoot Design! Here are the deets on Adrian and his business. And yes, his eyes are moving in the picture.

Name/Company Name: Adrian Gershom, Offshoot Design

What title did you give yourself (i.e. owner, president, CEO, founder)? Why did you choose that title? Principal. Being a design-centered digital agency, we tend to use the same language found in other design professions like architecture.

How many people do you have on your team? 5

Best part(s) of being a business owner: Being able to make decisions that align the company with my own personal values in terms of work quality, environmental consciousness and social responsibility.

Most challenging part(s) of being a business owner: Finding time to turn it off every now and then and relax.

One thing you wish someone told you before you started your own business: To write down your goals (aggressive ones) and frequently measure yourself against them.

Your business outlook for 2013: We had a strong 2012 and look to continue that in 2013–especially with growth in our 3D iPad sales presentations.

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