Best leadership advice I've ever received

There is no shortage of advice on how to be a great leader on the Internet. But I’ve often found that the best advice is the simplest. I’ve asked a few of my colleagues to share their best leadership advice with us. Here’s what they had to say…

leadershipadvice“Don’t ask for input if you don’t want it!” ~Andy Crestodina (@crestodina)

My dad is full of pithy one-liners about all sorts of things. I remember lots of business maxims he has shared over the years. One that I have noticed myself repeating is “there is always someone who can do it a nickel cheaper…” I have added my own second half of the maxim “…so you have to distinguish yourself in some way other than price.” ~ Lightning Atkinson

“Get into your day before it gets into you.” I worked at a summer camp for a few years in college and Glenn was the owner and would announce this almost every morning over the camp intercom. This was very relevant at the time considering that once those kids woke up, your time was completely consumed. Today, it seems as though once the phone starts ringing and employees arrive, it is tough to catch up and the list of things you want to do inevitably get put on the back burner. In other words, this taught me to attack the day and not wait for the day to attack me. ~Andy Eltzroth

The best advice I’ve ever received is “Never assume anything!” When we hide behind the comfort of assumptions, we can jump to false conclusions about people, situations, and events. Innovative thinking can emerge when we avoid the status quo and look for new approaches and opportunities. ~Susan Kryl (@SusanKryl)

Thank you is free.” People love to be appreciated. Many like that more than money or perks. Thanking someone for her efforts costs nothing – it barely takes time – yet may be just what she needs to stay engaged and committed to the greater cause. ~Cheryl McPhilmy (@mcphilimypr)

The best leadership advice I ever got was in business school. “It’s a manager’s job to mitigate chaos. It’s a leader’s job to create it. Very few people can do both.” ~Caleb Gardner (@calebgardner)

What’s the best leadership advice you’ve ever received?

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