KPIs: How’s your business performance?

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If you’re trying to lose weight, you might weigh yourself every day or every week; but when you do, you find something out. The scale tells you if what you’re doing to lose weight is working or not.

Now you can say that you’re “eating healthy” …but the scale won’t lie. If that number isn’t going down, you gotta do something different.

If you’re losing weight, the number on the scale is a key performance indicator. It measures your progress and tells you if you need to change what you’re doing to get to your goal.

In your business, you need Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), too. KPIs are numbers that tell you specifically how well certain areas of your business are doing.

You might be thinking, “Well I’m the business owner — I have a pretty good handle on how my business is doing.” That’s like measuring your weight loss by the notches in your belt — you might notice that you’re not losing as much weight anymore or starting to gain it back again until it’s too late. By looking at the number on the scale, you’ll know right away. The scale is really measurable.

Your business KPI should do two things for you.

  1. They tell you if what you’re doing is working or not. Sure you can get a feel for if that new marketing strategy is working. But how well? What’s the ROI?
  2. They help you allocate your time. If your sales numbers are up, and your new leads numbers are trending downward, you’ll know you need to spend more time on marketing before it affects your sales numbers.

Having KPIs for each area of your business gives you a FULL picture of how well your business is doing. Just like a yearly check-up at the doctor, your doctor runs tests and blood work that tells him/her how each of your organs are doing and if there are any looming problems. KPIs do that, too with each part of your business — operations, marketing, sales, employees, etc.

So what are your business’ KPI numbers?

That’s what we’re focusing on this month on EnMast.

We’re talking about what those numbers could be, what they tell you and how they will help you lead your business with more direction and focus.

Check out all the resources we have on KPIs and business performance below!


KPI Business Tools to download



Key Performance Indicator Template

This is our free tool of the month! This tool provides an Excel spreadsheet to help monitor and track your KPIs.

If you’re a pro member or free trial member, login and download the tool here.


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Small Business KPI Reporting Tool

How you measure how your business is doing? This small business KPI reporting tool will help you figure out what numbers you need to check on a regular basis.

Download the tool here.


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