Job Growth Worksheet

Job Growth IMGYou have expectations of the people who work for you — and they have expectations of you too. They want to grow professionally and thrive at your business. But how do you make sure that happens when you have don’t have hundreds of positions in your company like a big company does?

With the Job Growth Worksheet, you can work together with your employees to make sure they are constantly moving up the ladder at your business, whether this means moving up to new position or growing within their own position.

Think about it: How can a person’s career grow if he or she is doing the same job day in and day out? And from your end, why would you want your employees to do the same job day in and day out? You want them to have increasing responsibilities so they can be more valuable to your company, right? In a bigger company, there are typically other positions that they see and strive to work up to; in a small business, those promotional opportunities are not as visible, even though they are there.

The Job Growth Worksheet can help ensure that you both get what you need.


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