The 2015 Guide to Using LinkedIn

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Video 8: Complete Your Budget & Use It

Complete Your Budget & Use It Add up your subtotals & totals to get your net profit. If you’ve made adjustments to reach a profit

Video 7: Calculate Your Expenses

Calculate Your Expenses Next, you will forecast your expenses for the year. Again, you will make ratios based on last year’s results to

Video 6: Cost of Goods Sold

Cost of Goods Sold If you buy goods that you then make into products that you will sell, the cost of those goods (and the process to

Video 5: Move Sales Forecast & Employee Roster to Budget

Move Sales Forecast & Employee Roster to Budget Once you’ve created your sales Forecast, you need to plug that data into your budget.

Video 4: Create Your Sales Forecast

Create Your Sales Forecast Your sales Forecast drives many of the other decisions you need to make in your budget, so it’s important to

Video 3: Create Your Employee Roster

Create Your Employee Roster For most small businesses, salaries are the largest expense, so you’ll want to forecast them in detail. Look at

Video 2: Paste Data into Budget Template

Paste data into budget Paste your cleaned-up Quickbooks data into your budget template. You want to base your future expenses in part on

Video 1: Clean Up and Export Data from Quickbooks

Clean Up & Export Data from Quickbooks You want to start with clean data. Having all the expenses in the right months and the right