Ideal Client Discovery Tool

How to identify, find and attract great clients

We all have favorite clients — they make our job easier, we like the work we’re doing for them, and they’re paying us well. But we also have a lot of clients that we don’t enjoy so much. We’re doing work we don’t like, they’re difficult to work with, and sometimes we’re under-paid, too.

The Ideal Client Discovery exercise will help you learn how to find clients and attract more of those favorite clients, and say “no” to the bad ones.

This exercise starts with some self-reflection and moves toward implementing an action plan that will undoubtedly have an impact on your business.

What you’ll get out of this tool:

  • This exercise will help you identify the work you’re best at doing, the clients you love working for, and making the most money from.
  • It’ll also help you come up with an action plan so you can find more of those clients that make work feel a little less like “work.”

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