6 facts I bet you don't know about your website's visitors

If you’re a business owner, you need to know who’s viewing your website, and what they hate and love about it.

If you have a website, you meet people everyday – whether you know it or not. 

First impressions are KEY when meeting someone new. You don’t go into a job interview in jeans with holes in them, or go on a first date and show up 30 minutes late. And nothing’s worse when it comes to things like when go to shake someone’s hand, and instead of getting a firm handshake, his or her hand feels like their hand is a pile of mush. Your website is the first way many customers connect with you, and you need to make sure your site makes a good first impression.

i hate technologyWebsite viewers are judgmental.

Having a great website is just as important as having a great storefront. If it looks gross or shady, customers won’t come in. We check out business websites all the time – and can get a pretty good idea what the business is like from the site.

And so if your website sucks, people will judge you. If it looks terrible, still stuck in the ’90s, or has typos and formatting issues, people won’t stick around on it. You need to know the habits, loves and hates of your target market, and make sure your website fulfills their superficial needs.

Facts you need to know about website viewers

Here are some great facts that will help you went enhancing your website: (thanks to this great article and this one)

  • Men value a website’s speed, while women value its ease of use.
  • Children won’t explore a Web page until it fully loads.
  • The average teenager has a harder time figuring out how to use a website than the average adult.
  • Mobile Web users over the age of 45 are more impatient than any other age group when waiting for sites to load.
  • Older folks can’t read super cute tiny font. Make it big!
  • People read best with 10-20 words per line, and paragraphs 4-5 lines long.

So, if you mostly sell to the older folks, make sure your website is fast and font is big. They’re impatient and squint their eyes a lot. If you mostly sell to women, make sure the site is easy to navigate and user-friendly. You get the idea.

Tools to see if your website is working

Google Analytics
With Google analytics you can see about your website’s performance like your site speed, average time spent on your site, total number of visits, and so forth.

If you already have it set up, when’s the last time you took a look at it? Or better yet, are you actually doing anything to improve your website’s performance? If you’re not already using Google Analytics – set it up now!

This site is great to see what types of people are viewing your site. It can give you age range, male vs. female viewers, education levels, site traffic rank, and more. It can give you a pretty good idea/summary of who is viewing your site.

You can see some stats for free, like bounce rate, unique views and so forth. To get premium content, you do have to pay.

What you can do to improve your website:

So after knowing the facts, and reviewing the tools to help you see what’s going on with your site visitors, here are a few ideas to improve your site:

1. Survey. In your next newsletter, do a quick poll on your website to see what your clients think of it.

2. Ask younger crowd. They know what’s up and trending. They can give you great design ideas, and will tell you if it sucks.

3. Hire a web designer! If your site really isn’t doing it for you, it’s more than worth the investment to hire a web designer.

4. Hire an SEO company. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Basically all you need to know is that they do a lot of complicated awesome behind-the-scenes work to help you generate traffic to your site. But make sure your website is something worth generating traffic to – hire a web designer first if it’s needed.



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