How to Set Up an Advisory Board

How-to-Set-Up-An-Advisory-Board-231x300How to set up an advisory board for your business

Owning a business can be fulfilling and gratifying, but also lonely, stressful and frustrating. Dealing with this full range of emotions can be challenging, and it’s difficult to find people who understand and who can help.

Every business owner needs an advisory board — a team and group of mentors and people who can help them when they’re down in the trentches! An Advisory Board is one place where business owners can turn. And this tool will help you build one. 

Here’s what’s inside: 

  • A complete guide to setting up a board of advisors
  • An Advisory Board Member Job Description to help you define roles
  • A Sample Board of Advisors Invite Letter to help you build your board
  • And a Sample Advisory Board Agenda to help you start off your board on the right foot

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