How to sell: How business owners can sell in this day and age

Many of you might know that Tesla, a high-end luxury electric car company, has been in an ongoing battle in the news with car dealerships and lawmakers over their right to sell directly to consumers.

But shouldn’t we be able to sell cars online right now?

54df0afa-3878-4355-90ed-fe6363c8fef9For over a hundred years, America’s car makers have sold through car dealerships, and Tesla wants the ability to sell directly to consumers …online. The model of car dealers and franchises was originally set up so that car buyers would have somewhere to take a new car to get it fixed. But we all know that’s not an issue anymore.

The direct sales model is the most basic form of selling — think The Fuller Brush salesman. But today laws regulate how we can sell cars to protect dealerships. So Tesla has set up “galleries” around the country where you can see the cars, but can’t test drive them. At some of those facilities, that’s where you pick up the car you ordered online as well.

The way we sell has certainly changed. Even Christie’s is selling online! People want to find what they want to buy, and then they want to buy it without having to go through a middle man.

Don’t get stuck in the old sales model!

People find products online and buy from companies who are liked and trusted on the internet, and Tesla is one of those companies. So how do you become known, liked, and trusted online?

That’s what I talk about over at Anchor Advisors today on how to sell in today’s changing world.

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  1. Well “personal touch” never gets old in my sales playbook. You need to make your customers feel that you are interested in them not just buyers but more like family.

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