Dear Boss: Stop working on vacation! Love, Your Employees

work on vacationI just got back from vacation this week, and while I was gone I didn’t check my work email ONCE. I totally unplugged. Brad totally respected my time off and didn’t expect or require me to keep up with what was going on at the office.

And when he goes on vacation, I don’t expect him to work either. I want him to totally unplug and not have to worry about work and enjoy his time off. He deserves that. He didn’t bug me on vacation, and I want to do him the same courtesy. I can hold the fort down while the boss is out — and so can your employees!

In many companies this whole “completely unplugging” concept is unheard of and would never fly. But that’s nonsense. If you work on vacation, it’s not vacation!

So that’s what sparked this open letter to all bosses, and I can GUARANTEE your employees will agree with me. So listen up, boss!


Dear Boss,

We know you’re an important person and all, but we will survive without you while you take a vacation. There is no need to work or call and check in. We assure you, the business will not go down in flames while you are gone.

You might feel a little anxious not knowing what’s happening at the office every minute of every day, but you need to let go. The anxiety and stress you feel is exactly why you need to take a vacation.

Think of when YOUR boss went on vacation. Maybe you all wore jeans instead of slacks, or your employees had a potluck for lunch when you were gone. But did the work get done? Yes.

Or how about when your parents went out of town. Sure — you wore PJs and you ate more junk food, too. But did the house burn down? No.

When your parents called and checked in on you when they were out of town, your response was always “We’re fine dad/mom!” because it was. (And let’s be honest — even if it wasn’t, you would still stay everything was OK. If you broke the living room window playing ball, you’d problem solve and get the window repaired before they got home. You figured it out and took care of it yourself because you could, and so as not to worry them.)

And you know that to-do/chore list your parents would leave on the fridge? You’d follow it and make sure it all go done before the parents got home, too. 

The same goes for your employees. They can hold down the fort while you’re gone, and get the work done.

And besides, when you take vacation, you come back less stressed and lead us better.

You don’t need to check your email or call in to make sure everything at the office is going okay.

We got it.

Take a vacation, boss.


Your Employees

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Devan Perine

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  1. Hi Devan,

    I really enjoy reading your post.Because I know one IT Business Owner who goes to a vacation in New Zealand with his family. Since he love his business very much, his wife argue him sometimes because he never pay much attention from enjoying their vacation because he is very busy fixing his services remotely. I think he deserve that letter. 🙂

    • Aw, thank you! You should share it with them! Or to his employees to give him a nudge that he can take a break from work next time he goes on vacation. 😉

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