How Google+ can help your business

google+thumbThe Initiative for a Competitive Inner City is a non-profit you should know about. They provide help and support to keep businesses growing and healthy within large cities. They want to discover, and spread, the great things about running an urban business.

They asked us to explain why a small business would want to get involved in Google+. What could motivate a busy and overwhelmed business owner to want to invest in another social network? Hop on over to the ICIC blog to find out HOW GOOGLE+ CAN HELP YOUR SMALL BUSINESS.



  1. This is very important to understand the fundamental with the rise of Google +1. It’s the hot new toy in social media, Current case studies have confirmed Google +1s influence on SEO.

  2. Alice, you are so right! I have a friend who’s saying, “Don’t think about it as Google’s new social network. Think about it as _the new Google_!

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