Giving thanks year-round with handwritten notes

When I first started my business, I was a thank-you note fanatic.

I decided that one of the ways I was going to set myself apart was to follow up with prompt, thoughtful, handwritten thank-you notes. So after every networking meeting and every new business meeting, I’d immediately pen a thank-you note.

The best part of it was that it worked! Those notes were just the thing that demonstrated my sincerity and showed prospects that I was listening. So I kept going. I wrote thank-you notes to my clients, part-time team members, VAs, everyone…

Then I got busy — really busy (proof that the thank-you notes worked!) and I got out of the habit of writing them. I still have a half-empty box of thank-you notes sitting next to my phone, but it’s dusty now…

But recently, I started writing thank-you notes again; this time for a different reason. I’m not trying to use the notes to differentiate myself or as a sales tactic. Instead, I realized that I need to write thank-you notes because I’m truly grateful; and I need to express that gratitude.

There are lots of studies about how gratitude is good for us and I’m sure that those benefits are real. Writing thank-you notes helps me to focus on the positive and to keep things in a better perspective. It also forces me to stop and think about the people who are helping me and my business. It’s a great exercise.

How do you feel when you receive a thank-you note? It probably makes your day. Wouldn’t you like to make one of your clients or employees smile? Then make thank-you notes part of your weekly routine. It’s a simple gesture that has a lot of impact.

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