Foolproof Strategies to Help You Get New Business Now

Ever had a slow week within your business and thought, “Oh no…we’re not busy enough—I need to get new business right now!”

We’ve all been there. There’s a natural ebb and flow of busy-ness throughout the year that can be a major source of stress and panic—both when you’re too busy and when you’re not busy enough.

But on the days when you feel the need to get new business right away, there are some simple, effective strategies you can use to make that happen.

Foolproof strategies

Reach Out to Past Clients

Your past clients are the ones who can vouch for your skills, value, and services—so why not reach out to them individually to ask for an introduction to potential new business? Past clients are the people who love you and are happy to recommend you—but it’s your job to make the ask.

Each of your past clients has their own unique web of connections, so by making the simple ask of, “Hey, know anyone who might need my services?” you’re tapping into a pre-qualified group of potential new partners.

Start asking around in your group of loyal supporters and fans and watch new business begin to filter in right away.

Get Right to Your Ideal Prospects

You should also keep working toward connecting with the clients who are a perfect fit for your business.

How do you find them? Start with LinkedIn.

Using LinkedIn’s advanced search feature, you can look for contacts by location, industry, and job title (and this is without having a paid account!) From here, look for the people who meet your search criteria and are a 2nd level connection. Then, reach out to your mutual contact and ask if the 2nd connection you’re eyeing would be a good fit for your services.

If the person says no, they might have an even better suggestion of someone who would be a strong option. This is a great way to screen new business and to stay in touch with your current connections, too.

Connect With Your House List

You likely have a house list—a newsletter or a list of people you send Christmas cards to every year—of people you work with closely. Think about creating an email around a topic of interest to them, and then including a call to action for you at the end.

For example: Say you’re looking for new speaking gigs. You send your house list an email on the topic of “How speaking engagements can grow your business” and include a P.S. line that says, “I’m looking for new speaking engagements this year, too. If you know of someone looking for a speaker, feel free to reply to me via this email.”

By making the content interesting and relevant for the audience and sneaking that CTA in at the end, you’re going beyond the direct ask and providing value at the same time.

Follow Up

Last, but definitely not least, you have to follow up. If you have any prospects that you never sealed the deal with—follow up with them and see if there are any other questions you can answer. Persistence is key to brining in new business, so hang in there.

If you struggle to follow up regularly and lose track of your open-ended conversations, check out a tool like Boomerang that reminds you to follow up after a certain amount of time has passed. This can help you maintain your sanity, be better organized, and makes sure you never miss a chance to follow up.

Get New Business By Working Smarter, Not Harder

When you start to panic about not having enough new business, don’t immediately pick up the phone and start cold calling. Instead, turn to more realistic options that are a product of the relationships you already have.

Bottom line: Remember to make the ask and to follow up. You’ll be busy again before you know it.

Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh Moore is no stranger to small business. She's the Founder of Lumen -- a business that offers copywriting, social media services, and graphic design. When she's not contributing to the EnMast blog, you'll find her running or at the movies (because the running helps manage the movie snack consumption.) Connect with Kaleigh on Twitter, LinkedIn, or read her blog.

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