Flash Reports

Flash Reports are a quick and easy way for team members to report each week on their progress and to-do lists. The Flash Report Tool will help you monitor their performance so you can manage them better, whether you have an in-office or virtual team!

Flash reports also allow you to see if your team members’ activities and priorities are in line with expectations. Are they getting things done? Are the things that they are working on the “right” things for the company?

If everything is fine, it puts everyone’s mind at ease. If there are questions or concerns, it’s a trigger for everyone that they need to pick up the phone and find out what’s up.

This tool will:

  • Show employees how to report their weekly progress and priorities
  • Help you quickly check in on projects and other team responsibilities
  • Help you easily monitor and track individual and team performance
  • Help you to realign their priorities if needed

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