Be grateful — it's good for you

January, with its focus on new beginning and resolutions, might be the least grateful time of the year. We are focused forward on what we

Say what? Learn to be a better listener

When I was first learning to sell, one of mentors taught me to “mirror” the client and mimic their every move. If they put their hands

Lessons from my shampoo bottle

I have a confession to make – I read the shampoo, conditioner and facial cleanser bottles every time I take a shower. It was only recently

Reach for the sky with Strategic Planning

You’re taking an airplane trip – we’ll go ahead and put you in First Class because you deserve it. As the plane takes off, you can see your

If you're sleeping through the night, you're not borrowing enough.

I had the opportunity to attend the Chicago Vistage All City event last week where keynote speaker Brian Beaulieu of IRT Economics gave the

Online marketing will grow your business. Period.

How that’s for getting to the point? There’s a lot of talk about using online marketing and social media to promote your business, but many

Open this: A guide to giving client gifts

Whoever wrote the song “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” clearly didn’t own a business. The holidays can be one of the most

It’s a good life – when you are disciplined!

“Having it all is easy IF you’re willing to work for it.” Ok, who said it? You may have known (whether you’ll admit it is another story)

Is the annual salary increase dead?

One tidbit that stuck out to me from our recent Movers and Head Shakers research was that 28% of business owners who saw growth over the

[Biz Owner Survey] If you could have an extra day in the week, how would you spend it?

We asked 132 business owners what they would do if they had an extra day in the week. We threw the data into a word cloud to see common