A ‘crash’ course in sales

I started my career as an engineer and grew into a general manager before going out on my own. So I didn't have a track record of sales

Best employee on-boarding practices for small businesses

Starting a new job is not easy for an employee, but it’s also a challenge for the employer. On the employee side, it’s intimidating and

How Google+ can help your business

The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City is a non-profit you should know about. They provide help and support to keep businesses growing

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  Does your company have an effective marketing strategy? Successful business owners have financial strategies that guide their

Small Business Hiring Tips and Best Practice Videos

Having a tough time hiring? You're not alone. It's one of the hardest parts of running a small business. Often times we don't have an HR

The 60-Minute Talent Mistake

In the earliest days of Life Meets Work, my clients tended to be smaller companies who were just starting to introduce flexible work.  As I

Focus on the parts of your business that won't change

At the Entrepreneurs Unplugged event (sold out!) last week Talia Mashiach, CEO & Founder of Eved,  Jason Fried, Founder & President

From ‘To-Do’ to ‘Done’

When I was a child, my father used to walk into my room and say, “Bridget, there is a very curious order in here.” I never really knew what

Why You Need a Budget & How to Build a Budget for Your Small Business

A budget is one of the most important tools for your business. Brad Farris, Small Business Advisor and Managing Editor here at EnMast, talks