Haste makes waste

“Take time for all things…” ~ Ben Franklin The wisdom of our forbearers has given us so many warnings about the dangers of hurry, rush, and

The Job of a Leader

I was very fortunate to work for an excellent leader and mentor named Bob Baker. Bob knew what it took to be a good leader; he demonstrated

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Frosty, for so long known as "the Snowman," always had secret aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur, of shaking off the shackles of the

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There’s no conversation that business owners want to avoid more than when an employee asks for more money. It’s awkward. Either you haven’t

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How to talk so your boss will listen, and listen so your boss will talk.

The meeting’s over and you are gathering up your stuff. As you review the meeting there’s a pit in your stomach: did we accomplish anything

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Transparency: The Quality Everyone Needs More of on Social Media

In a way, social media is like a cocktail party. If you’ve ever been to a cocktail party (or any party, for that matter) you know those

5 Reasons to Hire Slow (Even When It’s Painful)

Lots of business owners struggle with the hiring process. And I don’t mean it creates some general unpleasantness within their