Employee problems: Top employee relations issues on EnMast

Managing a business means managing employees — and there’s always messy stuff that comes along with employee relations. We put together our top employee relations issues that business owners face to help equip you on what to do:


employee viewing porn at work1. What do you do when an employee is viewing porn at work…?

Porn is a big problem in the workplace. Three percent of Americans admit to watching porn at work, so you have to take it seriously. Brad walks you through what to do when caught in this sticky situation.

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long lunch breaks

2. My employee(s) keeps taking long lunch breaks… how do I handle this?

You start to notice one (or more) of your employees taking longer lunch breaks than they should. It’s making you frustrated that they’re wasting company time. How do you handle the problem?

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employee quits3. What to do when your best employee quits

Your best employee — ambitious, hard-working and always delivers — walks into your office and gives you a two-week notice. You’re devastated! Should you try to plead with them to stay, give them a raise in hopes they stay, or let them go?

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employee engagement4. Having trouble engaging your employee(s)? Start with these 5 things.

You notice one (or more) of your employees hasn’t been producing like they normally do. They seem a little detached and not as committed as they used to be. What do you do? Here’s a few practical tips you can do today to help you engage your employees.

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inappropriate business attire

5. What do you do when your employee is dressed inappropriately for work?

Sally’s skirt is too short and it’s distracting the men at the office. Joe looked like he rolled out of bed wearing the same wrinkled up shirt as the day before. How do you have that conversation with your employee to address their attire?

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