How to Create Employee Job Descriptions

Employee job descriptions page 1Write out job descriptions for your team in under two hours

Job descriptions are a basic building block of the performance-management process. Yet, despite their importance, Business Owners often fail to create job descriptions, whether it’s because they view them as not needed or as too time-consuming. Neither are good excuses.

Every company, whether big or small, needs job descriptions. Here’s a quick process that can help you get your job descriptions done in under two hours.

The PDF includes “how to” instructions for developing your whole team’s job descriptions. The Word file is a template that you can use to capture that data and communicate it to your team.

Whether you’ve written job descriptions for your employees before, or this is your first time, this is a very valuable tool to help you communicate to your employees their duties and responsibilities so you can measure their performance.

Here’s what’s inside:

  • A PDF guide to help outline what you need to include in employee job descriptions
  • An employee job description template you can use and modify

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