Series Recap: How to do email better in business

Email. Everyone uses it. In business it’s a necessity. Our inboxes are constantly overloaded and sometimes it feels like we’ll never be able to catch up. On top of it, there are so many people who don’t use it well, and make it really hard to communicate with them.

That’s why we put together a mini series on how to do email better. We pulled together our best tips and advice on how to improve you & your team’s email skills so communication in your business can run better.

In case you missed it, here’s our roundup for our last series on How to do email better in business. 

Tips for improving your email skills in business
Email takes up more and more of our time. Brad Farris tells you how you should be using email, which might be different on how you’re using it currently.

How to set up and use email filters for your work email
Brad gives you a step-by-step guide to setting up email filters for your work email with tons of pictures to help walk you through the process.

Tips for better business email signatures
When’s the last time you updated your email signature? How about your staff’s? Bridget gives you guidelines to how long it should be, what info you should provide, and what you might be doing wrong.

How to write email subjects to improve business communication
Email subjects are more important than the actual content in it. And so many people use it terribly. Training you and your staff on how to write relevant subject lines will improve communication in your business.


Have any other business email tips to add?

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