How to deal with difficult clients [Infographic]

Everyone has favorite clients. You enjoy the work you do with them, they have reasonable deadlines, budgets and projects, and they’re just really fun and awesome to work with. They rock.

Then there are the other ones…

You know… the select clients that drive you a little bit crazy… errr… umm… “keep you on your toes.” Yeah, those ones.

We’ve all had them.

Let’s just say, they make work interesting… maybe “challenging” might be a better word. But, this can be a good thing! They help us learn how to do our jobs better, improving how we communicate and build relationships with other clients, too. They help us learn to be better service providers.

And when we have those “select” clients, we often ask others for advice on how to deal with it or make the situation work better. I thought Ciplex did a wonderful job on this infographic that does just that. Check it!

How to deal with difficult clients

Do you think this infographic covers all the types of challenging clients that are out there?  Any missing? 


Devan Perine

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