How to write a Creative Brief

Learn how to write creative briefs for creative projects

If you asked five different graphic designers to create a logo for your company without any direction, you would likely get five very different logos and you probably wouldn’t like any of them. So you go back and tell them you want the logo to be blue and to have a certain image in it. The next round is closer, but not close enough. Another round … another round … and still no logo that you like. Why can’t they do what you want them to do?

Creative projects are different than other types of projects because there is not one way to do the project, there are many. That’s why it’s important to communicate at the outset of the project exactly what you envision. A Creative Brief is a great tool for helping you do this.

What you’ll get with this tool:

  • You’ll learn how to write a creative brief with the EnMast Creative Brief tool.
  • questionnaire tool to help you find direction and vision on creative projects.

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