How to identify your company’s core values

Identify and establish your business’ core values

Establishing Core Values is not just something that big businesses do — it’s something that smart small businesses do, too.

Many companies share their core values through a Mission, Vision (M/V/V) Statement. They use this statement to ensure that their actions, behaviors, and plans are consistent with the organization’s core values.

Once you identify and articulate your organization’s core values, they become a kind of moral compass against which everything else is measured. When your company makes their core values clear and prominent, it will attract employees who share those some core values. This tool will help you do just that!

What’s Inside:

  • An explanatory PDF will help you think thoroughly what core values you want your company to have and communicate.
  • An exercise PDF that includes a large core values list you can use to help you find your company’s core values.

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