Business Owner’s Champion: 6 Practices to Build Your Nerve — and Your Business

Although you started your own business expecting both freedom and challenges, you’ve begun to realize that you’re working much more and making much less than you should be. You’re even wondering if you’ve made the right decision to venture out on your own.


business book coverThe Business Owner’s Champion: 6 Practices to Build your Nerve – and Your Business tells it like it is: you need to take personal responsibility for the successes and failures of your business. The good news, however, is that there is real hope for your business’ success once you build your confidence level.

Business advisor, public speaker and author Brad Farris helps you realize that your attitude, approach and work ethic mean everything when it comes to building your business one step at a time. Farris outlines the six fundamental actions that business owners need to take to accomplish success, including working less and outsourcing when necessary.

Farris offers support and empathy to today’s business owners while still pointing to the reality of what is necessary to achieve success in today’s market. But most importantly, he gives direction to entrepreneurs needing guidance as they navigate their way through operating their own business.

“As you move from an individual contributor to a manager and leader, more and more of your time is going to be spent with people and less and less with tasks. You will spend your time planning and coordinating work that others will be completing. That’s called leverage; your planning and knowledge enables the work of several others.”

The Business Owner’s Champion ebook offers resources and suggestions for busy business owners on a variety of different topics. This get-to-the-point book is a quick read, giving readers the confidence and strategy they need to start moving their businesses in the right direction.

Brad has given seminars on the topics addressed in this book, charging hundreds of dollars for individuals to attend, and clients have paid thousands of dollars to hear this material in one-to-one consulting sessions. The ideas found in this single book have helped some of Brad’s clients to double and even triple the sales and profits of their businesses.

business book cover

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