One-on-One Coaching for Small Business Owners

A personal business coach can be your cheerleader, your task master, your sounding board and your advisor. A coach can help you overcome the fear and anxiety you feel about your business decisions. You can use them to help you evalate the risks and opportunities involved in a particular business direction. In short, your Business Coach is there for you — to support and push you to achieve more.

Business Coaching involves two, 50 minute calls each month. Prior to each call, you complete some homework and a call prep form that will provide the basis for your discussion. Calls can be conducted via phone or with a webcam and usually involve some of these five elements:

  1. Check-in. What’s new since the last session?
  2. Homework review. Did you finish your assignments?
  3. Troubleshooting. What issues need to be addressed?
  4. Assignment. What needs to be accomplished before the next session?
  5. Wrap-up. What did you accomplish, and what do you plan to accomplish?

One-to-One Business Coaching provides you the greatest degree of support to reach your goals in the shortest time period. Your investment for One-to-One Business Coaching is $659 per month. Are you ready to sign up for One-to-One Business Coaching now? Fill in the Contact Form below and we will get right back to you!

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