Mastermind Coaching

As a business owner, who do you talk to when you’re happy or sad, or facing a big challenge? Maybe your staff, family or friends graciously listen to you, but can they really understand what you’re going through? Do you find their advice helpful?

That’s when Mastermind Coaching can help. When you join a Mastermind Coaching Group – made up of fellow business owners – you are connected with a group of people who understand the issues you face as a business owner. While every business is different, the pressures and challenges business owners face are often the same. When business owners work together as peers, they receive the following benefits:

  1. Support. You can learn most from someone who has walked in your shoes and walked down the path you are on. Plus, people like this tend to be more credible when they give advice.
  2. Commitment. When you give advice, it makes you more committed to that action for yourself.
  3. Accountability. The group can keep you on track with your commitments and priorities.
  4. Focus. The group helps you focus on just what you need at the time you need it.
  5. Outside perspective. Your peers see different pieces of the changing landscape than you do. It helps to step out of the office and hear about what’s going on around you.
  6. Improved business performance. Their advice and feedback can help you grow your business.
  7. Peace of mind. When your business is in order, you can work less and enjoy life more.

Anchor Advisors is currently forming Mastermind Coaching Groups in the Chicago area.

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