Small Business Coaching

Website content is great, and having access to tools, templates and eBooks can be a lot of help, but sometimes we need some personal attention to get through a particular block or to achieve a big goal. That’s where coaching can help. Your EnMast community can provide you with two types of coaching, one-to-one coaching and mastermind group coaching.

One-to-One Business Coaching

If you have challenges or opportunities that you want to bust through quickly there’s nothing like having one-to-one attention to help you to find your way quickly. Our coaches are trained in and utilize the EnMast tools and resources to help you grow your business; and their experience and personal attention can help you to overcome roadblocks and see new opportunities. They also focus on holding you accountable so that you can accomplish more.

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Mastermind Coaching

While some prefer individual attention, others thrive in a group. With Mastermind Group Coaching, up to 8 business owners meet with a facilitator twice a month via video conference to check progress on your goals, celebrate successes and focus the whole group’s attention on 2 specific problems at each meeting. Groups form a couple of times each year and there is an application process for prospective members.

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