Don't be a bucket head

I have a friend who is a fine artist and he decided to participate in an Art Fair as a way to develop an audience for his work (and sell some pictures). As he was setting up his booth, he noticed the person in the booth next to him was bringing out her art in 5 gallon buckets. That’s right, she had buckets of art. He told me that’s when he realized he was in the wrong place to build an audience for his fine art works.

It reminded me of what I’ve been seeing out there on some blogs. I feel like some blogs have “buckets” of content rather than quality work.

Now, I’m not thinking that blog posts should be 8,000 word tomes ready for the NYT Sunday Magazine. I’m in favor of shorter, more digestible posts. But even thoughtful posts need to deliver value.

Look back at your blog for the last 3-4 weeks. Do you want to frame those posts — or would they look more appropriate in a bucket?

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