Why we need to break rules at work sometimes

Our team at Anchor Advisors has gone through a bit of a rough patch lately. One of my employees has been dealing with some bigger health issues recently. She’s missed a lot of work going to the doctors, but I haven’t cut her pay or had her use her PTO hours. Instead, I prayed for her health and sent over some flowers.

breaking the rules at work

I’ve also had another team member unexpectedly lose a really close family member. Upon the news, we found both our ourselves crying at the office. She hadn’t been as effective in the weeks following, but I haven’t talk to her about her performance. Instead, I’ve talked to her clients to see about giving her a little wiggle room during this time.

There’s a lot of so-called “rules” at work that you just don’t break. Hugging at the office? We broke that one. And crying at work? We broke that one, too. And you know what, I’m okay with it.

I talk more about why sometimes we need to bend the rules a little, and allow ourselves to be a little more human at the office. Read on in the feature article this month.

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