Marketing Tactics Analysis Tool: Find out Your Marketing ROI

Marketing TacticsFind out which marketing tactics are providing you the biggest ROI

Marketing strategies and marketing tactics often get confused. Here is the distinction: Strategy is an idea or concept, and a tactic is an action that is used to execute the strategy. So when you’re creating a marketing plan, you should logically go from setting Goals to determining Strategy, then determining your Tactics.

Since a company usually doesn’t have an unlimited budget for marketing tactics, it makes sense to try to prioritize them based on some kind of cost/benefits analysis.  That’s where the EnMast Marketing Tactics Analysis Tool comes in.  We can help you think through which activities will provide the best return on investment.

What’s inside:

  • A PDF guide that will help you find out if the money you’re spending on marketing tactics are paying off
  • A marketing tactics analysis spreadsheet that will help you calculate your marketing ROI

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