The Benefits of BYOD in a Creative Business

There are all sorts of creative businesses, such as photography, web design, film, and interior design. Each one relies on its employees to be innovative and create profitable results. To do this, your employees need to have the right tools, including a cell phone that lets their creative juices flow. Since cellphones are expensive, many businesses are implementing BYOD policies to save money.

BYOD means “bring your own device.” Basically, employees are responsible for supplying their own business phone and covering the costs. There are several advantages to this, particularly for creative businesses. Take a look at these seven benefits BYOD brings to your business after the initial transition.

Employees Are Happy to Choose Their Phone


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Making the transition to a BYOD policy is not an easy one, mainly because your employees won’t want to start paying for something that your business has covered in the past. However, if you slowly transition, such as offering incentives and discounts, your employees will eventually get on board. BYOD is a growing trend in business now and many employees are more than happy to cover the costs because they can use their personal phone, which they would be paying for anyway.

In a creative business, a BYOD policy is best because your employees have a diverse set of needs and one phone can’t satisfy all of them.

Employees Are More Productive and Innovative

A BYOD policy actually makes your employees more productive and innovative. This is because they don’t have to learn how to use a new device because they can choose a platform that they are familiar with. Yes, your employees would eventually adjust to a phone that you supply, but it would waste time in the beginning, and some employees might resist learning how to use the phone entirely.

The Business Saves Money

The number one reason to implement a BYOD policy is that it saves your business money. According to Tab Times, BYOD can save businesses as much as $350 each year per mobile phone user. If you have a lot of employees that need cellphones, the money savings is significant.

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Employees Stay Organized

Stereotypically, creative types are unorganized and flaky. With a BYOD policy, you reduce the amount of things your employees have to manage because they don’t have to juggle between a personal phone and a business phone. Anything you can do to keep your employees organized will translate into more productive time for your business.

The IT Department Can Focus on Security

The biggest reason businesses used to supply phones to their employees was to control the leak of business information. However, this created all sorts of headaches for IT departments because they were always trying to solve and troubleshoot problems with individual employee phones. With a BYOD policy, this responsibility is put back on the employee, who has to seek help about their device from their cellphone carrier or someone else. This leaves IT time to do the things that really matter, such as creating updates and managing security.

In the past, businesses had to give employees all the same phones to secure business information. Basically, businesses wanted to roll out security updates to all of their employees at the same time. However, there are now solutions that make this unnecessary. For instance, businesses can take advantage of the benefits of enterprise mobility management software. It allows businesses to monitor employee phones all in one place without hassle.

The Cloud Works for Employees No Matter What Device They Use

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The Cloud has changed the way that people do business. In the creative field, employees can share images, work collaboratively, and make updates simultaneously with others. It also enables employees to get access to business information from any device. This means that all your employees having the same phone is no longer necessary.

As long as you mandate employees to have a phone that can access the Internet to get to your business Cloud, there’s no reason employees can’t choose whatever phone they want.

These are just a few of the benefits a BYOD policy can have on your creative business. Overall, your employees will be happier, more organized, and have the tools they need to make your business more profitable. So what are you waiting for?

calvinCalvin Sellers is a tech writer and graphic designer from Tampa, FL.  Follow him on Twitter @CalvinTheScribe.



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