Top 5 ways you can be a better leader

I don’t think any of us set out trying to be a bad leader, or ‘try’ to be a bad boss. To some of us, “leadership” doesn’t come as naturally. Or maybe it’s an area we want to get even better with.

Jill and Brad talk about different ways you can be a better leader, with a few of them you might not of thought of before. They also bring business owners Corbett Barr, co-founder of Fizzle, and Catherine Morgan, the founder of Point A To Point B Transitions. It’s another great episode of Breaking Down Your business. Don’t miss it!

how to be a better leader

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Devan Perine

Devan Perine works with small business owners on their marketing and multimedia efforts. She's passionate about helping businesses build their presence online, and giving Gen Y a voice in the workplace. When she's not working, she loves to make a mess in the kitchen, and play with her band around Chicago. She loves to chat! Give her a shout on Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn.


  1. Hi Devan,

    Star studded cast here. As noted we all set out with good intentions but posts like these can nudge us in the right direction, when we’re veering off course.


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