Awkward Biz Moments: How to NOT quit a job

awkward iconIntroducing awkward moments: The Business Owner Edition!

We’re starting a new series called “Awkward Biz Moments” where we collect stories from you guys of really awkward and hilarious moments we’ve experienced in our business with our employees, clients and everywhere in between.

awkward moments

“I was walking into the office around 9:30 — I had been at a breakfast meeting. When the elevator doors opened one of my team members came out of the elevators carrying a bag.”

“Good morning!” I said cheerily.

“Oh, HI!” he says, “I’m just running out to feed my meter.”

I ride the elevator up to find half my staff huddled around the reception desk. “What’s up?” I ask.

The employee I just met on the way down had just resigned. Told the whole team, left a note on my desk, then lied to my face in the lobby of the building.


Employees quit for all kind of reasons; and they often act weird when the do it. Don’t take it personally. It says more about THEM than it does about you.

Do you have an awkward or hilarious story to share? We want to hear ’em! Email Devan with your story to get on the next edition. 🙂





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