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Why It’s Essential to Build a Referral Program into a Small Business

You’ve scoffed at the idea of building a referral program. “That’s not how you get customers,” you think. “I get customers the old-fashioned

What to do when your business is getting you down

Running a company is an intense business, with more twists and turns than a roller coaster ride. When profits are up and sales are high,

Why small business dominates the employee engagement game

If March Madness was about creating jobs, instead of scoring hoops, then small business would be the little NAIA school with a few hundred

Yes, Insurance is Boring, and Yes, We Have to Talk About It

Nothing makes an entrepreneur start yawning faster than talking about business insurance. And insurance premiums? They can seem like such

Why should small business owners care about sales tax?

As a small business owner, you have a big to do list. Pretty far down on that list (if it is even there) is making sure that you are meeting

How to Keep the Good Ones

Finding good employees can be a challenge. Not because there aren’t enough qualified candidates out there, there are plenty. However,

5 Small Gestures of Gratitude That Go A Long Way

‘Tis the season for gluttony! Business owners are some of the biggest culprits of gluttonous behavior during the holiday season. Constant

Build a culture of appreciation in your small business

Want employees to get how much you appreciate them? You have to show it, and you have to mean it. Sounds easy. But an atmosphere of

Do you have a green office? 5 tips to make your company more eco-friendly

Companies all over the world are growing more aware of the importance of going green, whether that means cutting down on energy consumption

Can’t keep up? 6 awesome small blogging tips for the busy business owner

Small business owners are busy people. Reason why tasks like blogging may sometimes be put on the back burner, which is unfortunate. But