Devan Marie Perine

When the leader doesn’t lead – a follower’s point of view

This article is apart of a two part series on leadership from the viewpoint of a follower. Read part two here: What a great leader looks

What is small business strategic planning?

When you first started your business, you probably had a decent idea of how you were going to be spending your time. You probably

Basecamp Classic vs. Basecamp Next – Pros & Cons

37signals just launched Basecamp Next (referred to it as "BCX"), which is their newest platform of the online-based project management

Why you’re not closing deals

We surveyed over 130 business owners in the fall of 2011 to find trends in their actions and behaviors in correlation to their business. In

5 reasons you need a budget for your small business

  Grasshopper is a virtual phone system geared towards entrepreneurs and small businesses. They created a phone system that allows you

12 most debilitating hiring mistakes small businesses make

Hiring at a small business is not easy. We don't do it a lot like big companies do and many times we don't have an HR manager, let alone an

Best employee on-boarding practices for small businesses

Starting a new job is not easy for an employee, but it’s also a challenge for the employer. On the employee side, it’s intimidating and

Focus on the parts of your business that won't change

At the Entrepreneurs Unplugged event (sold out!) last week Talia Mashiach, CEO & Founder of Eved,  Jason Fried, Founder & President

Why You Need a Budget & How to Build a Budget for Your Small Business

A budget is one of the most important tools for your business. Brad Farris, Small Business Advisor and Managing Editor here at EnMast, talks

If you're sleeping through the night, you're not borrowing enough.

I had the opportunity to attend the Chicago Vistage All City event last week where keynote speaker Brian Beaulieu of IRT Economics gave the