9 Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Business Owners

What in the world do you get for the business owner who has seems to have everything they need? Maybe just have no idea what they’d like, or maybe they’ve given you the “You don’t need to get me anything” response when you ask them about it. Not helpful. Right?

business owner gift ideas

Don’t worry. We’ve got some gift ideas for business owners that are practical, helpful, and can really show how much you appreciate and respect the work they do. Maybe it’s an upgrade to an existing product they already have, something they didn’t even know they needed, or a productivity booster. Finding a gift for business owners does not have to be difficult. Here’s a list of some items the business owner in your life would love and appreciate, and you can still get before Christmas!

1. Reading material. Give the gift of new perspective, insight, and fresh ideas. Books like Rework from 37 Signals, Onward by Howard Schultz, and Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook (the latest from Gary Vaynerchuk) are just a few of our favorites.

2. A massage. Sometimes, there’s nothing better than a little relaxation and time to decompress after days, weeks, and months of constantly working hard. This gift says, “Take a break—you deserve it!”

3. An iTunes gift card. This one isn’t just for music—it can also be used to purchase apps. There’s everything from productivity apps to brain teasers, and everything in-between. Here’s one of our favorite apps.

4. A magazine subscription. It might seem boring at first, but think about it: magazines are a fantastic resource for industry knowledge and fresh content. Suggestions for the business owner: Fast Company, Inc., Entrepreneur, or Wired. If they’ve got an iPad, a digital subscription might be better.

5. A gym membership. There’s nothing better than a quick session at the gym to unwind after a long day, and it’s the perfect power-up for morning folks, too. Your business owner may have given him/herself a million reasons not to sign up, so give the little push to help make that life change. This gift is one that keeps on giving.

6. A coffee gift card. Whether it’s Starbucks or the local coffee shop, it’s hard to turn down a caffeine boost. A gift card for an espresso drink is basically the same thing as gifting a jet back to a business owner. You can bet this is not a gift card that will sit unused in a desk drawer.

7. Lynda.com training. Knowledge is power—and Lynda.com has a variety of online courses that can help teach a new skill or keep old ones sharp. We’ve used Lynda.com a ton — they’ve got amazing video instructional classes for just about every software program you can think of.

8. An EnMast Pro Membership. You know, we had to include this one. 😉 Members get access to a library of small business tools, how-to guides, eBooks, webinars, and a community of other small business owners to give you the support you need to grow your business.

9. A Task Rabbit. Remove the stress of an over-loaded to-do list by giving the gift of a personal assistant for the day with TaskRabbit.com. They’ll do everything from putting that new office equipment together to running to pick up your dry-cleaning and groceries. So, now that you have all of these fantastic ideas, you can stop worrying about gift-buying and start doing the fun things like baking cookies and hosting movie marathons.

So what’s the secret to gift buying for business owners? Think practical.

Anything on this list that you’ve been eyeing? Business owner — what’s on your Christmas list? 

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