7 ways to be a more confident business owner

Confident business owners close more deals, get paid more for the deals they close, and get their work done more effectively. The confidence that you exude affects not just you, but your prospects, clients, and team members. I would argue that there’s nothing more important than building your confidence and maintaining it.

how to build your confidence


Don’t believe me? Imagine you are going to a meeting where Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey are going to be in attendance. How do you change your preparation, your presentation, your presence? This isn’t going to be just anymeeting, right? Why? What’s different? You need to up your game to match theirs, right? What if everyone — your prospects, your customers, your team — felt that way about going into a meeting with you? That’s the confidence I’m talking about!

if you want to be the kind of leader that compels others to stepping up their game when they come to meet with you, here’s 7 practical ways to build your confidence!

1. Have a plan and stick to it.

One way to build your confidence is to have a sense that you are in control. We want to impact the world around us, not vice-versa! When we are constantly in reaction mode, when life is whacking us up’side the head, it’s hard to maintain that confident attitude.This is why planning is important. Make some goals, build a plan to reach those goals; then each day focus on what you need to do today to reach those goals. When surprises crash your plan, deal with them, then get back to the plan. Don’t abandon your plan unless something has fundamentally changed (and when it does, make a new plan and stick to that one).

2. Do things you like doing

One of the toughest blows to confidence is when we get down in the dumps. When everything is an effort and we’re forcing ourselves to keep going. One way to counter that is to do things we enjoy! That may mean delegating some of your more tedious tasks, it may mean taking a break and doing something that’s purely for fun. But either way we need to do somethings we enjoy every day. Look at your calendar right now and schedule some time to do something that you really enjoy!

3. Celebrate your wins

Business owners can be driven people. We want to achieve and we have big goals; so when we reach one of our goals we want to race on to get to the next one. Keeping that momentum is great, but take just a minute to celebrate your win! Who can you call and tell about it (not to brag, but to share your victory)? How can you remember this feeling when things aren’t going so well?

4. Quickly forget your mistakes

Just as we want to take a moment to celebrate our wins before we move on, we can take a moment to review our failures and think about a couple of things we want to do differently, then move on. One of the biggest saps on our confidence comes when we brood on mistakes or failures. Yes, we need to learn from our mistakes, but focusing on the past (which can’t be changed) instead of the future (where we have a chance to do better next time) is a confidence robbing mistake.

5. Avoid the pitfalls of Over-confidence

Overconfidence reduces your ability to be resilient. I sometimes see folks who are working on their confidence set really ambitious goals — goals that are well beyond their reach. While I appreciate the courage and vision these types of goals embody, “big, hairy, audacious goals” can actually undermine confidence in the end. It is harder to measure success; how do I know I’m making progress toward that goal? It is harder to establish specific tasks related to high and lofty goals; do I even know what it would take to get there? Sometimes the higher and loftier the more overwhelming; can I break that big goal down into things I can do today, and tomorrow and next week? If so, fine. If not, it’s time to rethink.

Truly confident people have a solid sense of themselves. They know what is reasonable and they set goals that areconsistent with that reason. Setting a goal to be better known that Donald Trump by the end of this year may be over-reaching (unless you have been signed to be a major network reality show host), but if you want to become better known than Donald Trump what are some steps you can take now to increase you profile? When we set goals that are overly ambitious we set ourselves up for failure and disappointment. The failure and disappointment we feel when we don’t reach those goals we set when we’re feeling over confident, can deplete and damage our true confidence.

6. Build your support network

Who do you call when you are stuck? When you are having a bad day, or just need to talk to someone who thinks you are awesome? Do you have 4 – 5 people like that in your life; people who really know you? Cultivating relationships with peers who are on the same road that you are on is incredibly helpful for building and maintaining your confidence. Find a mastermind group or a business owner round-table group and get real with them. Leading a business can be really lonely — find some true peers who can walk with you.

7. Maintain your health and energy

Maybe this one feels really obvious, but so many business owners don’t do the basic things they need to do in order to keep themselves healthy and keep their energy high. Your body needs sleep; make sure you get it. Good nutrition and exercise is essential for maintaining your energy — are you making healthy choices there? I know it takes time and costs money, but it also pays dividends in your business and your life.

This is just a start, the most important first steps. What do you do? How do you keep your confidence solid so that you can keep going? That’s what the comments are for! Share your story!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing these very useful tips which I have also shared with others. As you mentioned, running your own business can be really lonely at times, especially when we try to do it all. One of the things I take from this, is to have my dream team – made up of true peers who can help me to develop my business further.

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