7 of our best hiring resources for small business

Ugh, hiring.

It’s time consuming, frustrating, and a lot of work. And who knows if you hired a gem or a fool… until a few months down the road. We get it — we’ve been there, too.

Hiring stinks, but you don’t have to stink at it, too.

We decided to take the bull by the horns share some of our best hiring resources. If finding a good employee feels to you like taking to the wilderness; these tools will give you a clear road map and a head start moving toward hiring success.

Here are some of our best small business hiring resources that you can use on your business TODAY. Check ’em out!

how to write a job ad

How to Write a Compelling Job Ad

If you haven’t downloaded our free tool of the month,do it! Even if you’re not hiring right now, eventually you will need to take that step. It is one you would do well to prepare for.

This tool includes all the components you need to include in a job ad, and comes with a ton of samples from real, proven job ads. It also includes an entire job ad template to use as a reference.

If you’re a pro member or free trial member, login and download the tool here.

Employee job description

Employee Job Descriptions

Job descriptions are completely different from ads. They include the duties and responsibilities of the job.

The Employee Job Description Tool includes a full description, guide, and sample employee job description to help you craft them for your employees. Get it here.


How to Price a Job

Before you hire, you have to figure out what to pay someone. How do you do that? Brad walks you — step-by-step — through the process of determining fair compensation in this video:

how to price a job video


Small Business Hiring Tips and Best Practice Videos

No time for a webinar? We took the choice cuts from our recent webinar on best hiring & recruiting practices for small business and made a video playlist. You can get bite-sized chunks of hiring wisdom to move you in the direction of success.

small business hiring webinar clips


How to Hire: A crash course

This article walks through each step of the hiring process.

How one-sentence job descriptions can help you get back to basics

Businesses have mission statements that sum up what they do in 1 sentence. Could you do the same for your business? For your employees?

12 most debilitating hiring mistakes small businesses make

Bad hires are painful — and often avoidable. Here’s the top ways small businesses screw it up when hiring.


Hope these tools help! And let us know how they work for you!

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