5 Sales Prospecting Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs

When you’re working hard to build new relationships and network for your business, you’re ultimately working to increase your sales pipeline. You’re connecting with new people and getting your brand in front of new faces.

5 sales prospecting tools

Part of this happens in the form of in-person meetings, but other times, we use platforms like LinkedIn to do this online.

The trouble with this continuously expanding network of connections, however, is that now you’ve got to keep them all straight.

Today, we’re discussing 5 sales prospecting tools that will help you do just that.


When you’re getting ready to have a discussion with one of your new connections, it’s a good idea to get a quick recap of whatever information you have about this person for the sake of conversation. When paired up with your calendar, Refresh helps you do this by sending you a quick dossier on that person right before your meeting.

sales prospecting tools

You’ll receive a full look at the person’s profile based on their email address–meaning it pulls all of the social profiles connected to the email address. You’ll be able to check out the person’s recent Facebook posts, Instagram feed, and gather some general background information that will help you prep for your meeting.


Rapportive is a tool you can use to get LinkedIn profiles to tie-in with your Gmail account. This allows you to see a full profile on the person you’re composing a message to. You’ll be supplied with information about where the person works, lives, their job title, and any shared connections you may have–which establishes common ground for the two of you (hence, the name.)

You can also use this tool to search for people at a company who’s email you don’t have yet. You can try out a few different email combinations to see what profile information comes up based on the email addresses you type in. Then, you can reach out to the person right from your Gmail account without having to go back into LinkedIn.


When you want a CRM system that helps you group your email connections into groups or to tag them for different skills, Contactually is a great option. Then, when someone asks you if you know of any people with a certain skill set (let’s say copywriting, for example), you can do a quick search through all of your connections that you’ve tagged with “copywriting.” Now you can send referrals without having to dig to find all of the possible candidates you could recommend.

This resource also has a great introduction tool that helps you keep track of introductions you’ve made. It automatically saves your descriptions of each person so you don’t have to re-type it each time.


Boomerang keeps track of your email correspondence in Gmail and sends friendly reminders when it’s time for you to follow up with someone who hasn’t responded to your message. No more conversations falling through the cracks–you set the time frame, and if no response is received by then, you’re reminded to get back in touch.

It also allows you to send messages at a later date/time so it’s delivered at the ideal time.

LinkedIn Connected

If you need sales prospecting tools because your business thrives on recruiting great people, the LinkedIn Connections app is a great way to see what’s happening with your talented LinkedIn connections. You’ll be notified when people change jobs, when a connection has a birthday, when someone gets a promotion, etc. All of the sudden, you’re presented with great opportunities to reach out to you connections.

Sales Prospecting Tools are what you make them

You can have all of the fantastic sales prospecting tools in the world–but unless you take the time to get them set up and start using them regularly, you’re missing opportunities to expand your reach.

Your turn: What tools would you add to this list?

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Dave Delaney

Dave Delaney is founder of Futureforth, a LinkedIn consultancy. He is a keynote speaker, author and podcaster. In his acclaimed book, New Business Networking (Pearson), he writes about the importance of combining online and offline tools and techniques to grow your professional network. In October 2014, Dave was the keynote speaker at LinkedIn’s LinkedIn Live Conference in Nashville, TN. Learn more about how Dave helps his clients understand digital marketing, social media strategy and better business networking at davedelaney.me.


  1. I have heard about LinkedIn Connected, but haven’t tested it yet. I did use Boomerang in the past. I liked Rapportive, but it seems to gone missing in the new version of Gmail. I have to check out Refresh app, before my next meeting with a new business contact.

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