5 reasons why you should write down your business goals

I met with a business owner today who had taken the time to write down his goals. It was remarkable the difference that it made in his thinking and actions. Here are 5 ways that I noticed his written business goals have helped him:

1. Writing down goals clarified his priorities.

When he wrote things down, it was clear he was doing too much. He was too scattered. Looking at his written priorities, he saw what things needed to happen before other things.

2. Writing down goals makes things more specific.

He made a specific goal for earnings. This specificity meant that we could look at his year and slot in certain activities and see how they might contribute to his income. Knowing he had to reach a certain number got him thinking bigger about some of the activities he was involved in.

3. Writing down goals makes it easier to get help.

With his goals written down, it became more clear to me how I could help him. I could see where the gaps were between his intention and his plan and we could get specific about how to close those gaps.

4. Writing down goals makes it easier to measure progress.

With clear goals in place, he was motivated to measure his progress. It wasn’t a boring spreadsheet – it was a scoreboard, and he dove into tracking his results. Now he knows if his efforts are enough, or if he has to pick up his pace.

5. Writing down goals makes it easier to celebrate.

Knowing what his goal is, he started to plan a big celebration for when he reaches them. He and his wife are already planning the trip! What do you think that does to his commitment to accomplishing them?

Have you written down goals for your business? Do you have deadlines for them?

We are nearing the halfway point in the year. This might be a good time to take a hard look at where you want to be by year end and how you are going to get there. You’d be surprised by all the ways that simple act can help you.

What goals have you set for this year? How have they helped you? Are you having trouble achieving them?


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