5 things to consider when looking for job applicants

We all know that the stakes are high when small businesses go about hiring new employees. Bringing the wrong person on board costs a lot of money. Sometimes the recruiting process comes up empty and the company does not hire anyone.


Here are the 5 components to successful hiring and some of the ways that small and mid-sized businesses miss the mark:

1. Preparation.

Before you start looking for candidates it is vital that you know what you are looking for.  This means that you need a job description, but not any old job description will do. It has to contain the work behaviors and attitudes that you believe will ensure your employees fits the job.  Write a concise statement of what the employee will DO at work and how you will measure success.

2. Responsibility.

If everyone is responsible for finding the new employee then no one is. Assign one person to the recruiting project and make sure that person has the time and the tools. Don’t be afraid to get outside help… but do be afraid of promises made that are just too good to be true (for example: “I know just the right person!”)

3. Sourcing.

Never, never, never hire from a candidate pool of ONE. Make sure to cast a wide net. You don’t know who you don’t know. Advertise, network, ask current employees for referrals. The more people you have to choose from, the more likely you’ll find the right person.

4. Action.

Once you’ve started to build a candidate pool, don’t procrastinate, contact the top candidates as quickly as they appear. No good candidate should have to wait for more than five days to be contacted.

5. Patience.

When you are confident the first four components are working, exercise patience and control. Keep meeting candidates until you have high confidence that you have found the right one. And remember, the work of recruiting isn’t done until a “butts in a seat.”

If you follow these five components, you’ll reduce your anxiety level and increase your success rate. Use our Recruitment Process Self Evaluation Scorecard to help you determine how much, and what kind of help your company may need with hiring a new employee.


About the Author

This post was written by hiring & recruiting expert, Chuck Smith. Chuck is the President of NewHire, a recruiting software & services company that helps small and mid-sized business that spend too much time hiring. Their hiring software features applicant tracking, custom screening questionnaires and simple filtering tools. Never read an unqualified resume again with NewHire! Find Chuck on LinkedIn and get hiring tips & advice on his blog.




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