5 sales bloggers who can improve your sales skills

We are focusing on improving the effectiveness of our members’ sales efforts this month at EnMast. We have offered some free sales tools and posted on a variety of sales topics.

But there are a lot of terrific resources for improving your sales acumen all around the Internet. Here are five of the top sales bloggers out there, people who provide actionable advice for small business owners who want to improve the results they receive from their sales results.

The Sales Blog


S. Anthony Innarino’s blog is relentless. He is constantly posting insightful, and actionable content that makes me a better seller. He is regularly calling his readers to a higher standard of performance, but then mixes it up with some very practical posts that improve your game every day.

Trust Matters

Charles_green_newThe Trusted Advisor was one of the first books I read on sales, and is still the book I most often recommend. The Trust Matters blog is like having a little Charles Green in your ear everyday pushing you to be just a little more transparent, a little less self-interested… It’s a nice combination of helping me to think right, and helping me to act right; like this post on the problem with expertise.

A Sales Guy

KeenanJim Keenan is a ski instructor and a sales professional, and from reading his blog you can tell he enjoys both. You can see his teaching instincts in his posts, taking his readers just one step further in each post. Like this post on knowing what you are ultimately selling.

Jill Konrath

jillkonrathJill is a sales guru, widely read (100,000 subscribers to her newsletters) and quoted (WSJ, NYT, Selling Power) trained at Xerox (one of the best sales training programs there is) so she knows her stuff. But knowing and making it easy to understand are two very different; Jill can break things down and make them understandable — but she also makes you think! Like this post about how to approach a targeted client who has turned you down in the past.

Duct Tape Marketing

johnjantschI know, this is a list of sales blogs and I’m listing a marketing guy. What’s up with that? Well, John Jantsch would tell you that marketing is the new selling and he’s right! Plus John is laser focused on the small business segment so he’s always speaking right into my brain! So whether you are trying to bring in more leads or close the ones you have, John has the answers for you. Check out this post on why good questions are better than good answers.

That’s my list. Who did I miss? Where do you go for great sales insight?

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