5 Super-Effective Ways to Get New Clients

New clients are the Beyoncé of the business world. Everybody wants more, more, more.

ways to get new clients

The struggle is that there’s a missing piece to that equation.

Business + ????? = New Clients

What lies in the mysterious fog of those question marks, you may be wondering?

Well, that’s the 5 best ways to get new clients, of course.

1. Know Who Your Ideal Client Is

You can’t go looking for new clients if you’re not sure what to look for. Be specific and take the time to fully define what your ideal client looks like.

Start with a person who has a specific problem. From there, define what stage of life or growth they’re at with their business. Then think about the questions they might be asking or what their major pain points are.

For existing businesses, this means looking at all of your past clients and finding the common ground between the ones you want to work with again.

2. Ask Your Existing Clients

People that have worked with you in the past know what value you can provide more than anyone else.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to reach out them and say, “Can you think of some other people that have the same kind of problems that I worked on with you?” or, “Do you need help with anything else?”

Ask these questions right after you start working with someone while their expectations are still very high and you haven’t done anything to disappoint them yet. For that reason, this is the absolute best time to get a quality referral.

3. Partner with a Similar Business

Working with someone who sells to the same clients as you means that you both have an excellent referral opportunity for those clients who don’t exactly align with what you can offer.

By sending each other recommendations and referrals, you have a go-to source for overflow work and for those moments when you know your partner might be able to offer greater expertise for a specific project.

Just remember: It works best if it’s a two way street.

4. Prospect on LinkedIn

Using the advanced search feature on LinkedIn, you can look for clients using search terms your ideal clients would use—things they’d write about themselves. You can also prospect based on geographic location, degrees of connection to you, mutual connections, etc.

If you can pre-screen potential new clients through your mutual connections, you’ll save yourself the legwork of reaching out to people who would be terrible to work with—and you might get a referral to someone who is.

5. Reach Out Every Day

Prospecting for new clients is something you have to do regularly. You can’t slack off when you’re too busy. An empty pipeline means you’re starting from zero—and when business runs out, that’s something you just can’t afford.

Put a spot on your calendar to do it every single day. Just do it. Make it a habit.

6. The Best Ways to Get New Clients: Work Hard

None of  the best ways to get new clients come without dedication—you need to commit to following through on them if you really want to keep your sales pipeline full.

But, if you can do that, you’ll never have to lose sleep over everything crashing down around you. Pretty good trade off, don’t you think?

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Photo credit: Kheel Center, Cornell University

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