5 awesome marketing automation tools for small business

marketing automation tools

First you built a website, just a place for people to visit to verify that you were legit. Then you started to add content; case studies, white papers, blog posts. Content that helped to demonstrate your expertise to your target market. The best part is, that worked! You started to get more traffic and even some leads. So you decided to do more! More blog posts, some social media, you’ve even been dabbling in search engine optimization to build more traffic.

But as much progress as you’ve made, it’s gotten to be a lot of work. Keyword research, then writing a blog post, finding a photo, posting it to your social networks, finding followers and interacting is taking so much time. When do you find time to think strategically, nurture your leads, and develop the epic content that will turn an audience into business leads?

Here’s a list of marketing automation tools that work for small business. I’ve listed them from least expensive (with the lowest level of automation) to most expensive (and higher levels of automation).

1. MailChimp

You may have started to create an email list, and hopefully you are regularly reaching out to everyone on that list. But there’s a step beyond email newsletters that can make your marketing life lots easier; autoresponders. Autoresponders make it possible for you to send follow up emails to your prospects who fill in a contact form, or download a white paper, ebook, or other content. Cost: Free until your list reaches 2,000.

2. Zemanta


Zemanta is a WordPress plugin which does several awesome things for your blog posts. First, Zemanta suggests royalty free photos based on the keywords in your post — that alone saves tons of time! But it also suggests related content and links that can help your SEO and provide your readers with valuable related content. Cost: Free, seriously.

3. Scribe

Using Scribe is like having a content marketing expert looking over your shoulder as you write. First, it tells you when you are writing boring stilted prose and instead suggests that you use easier to read prose. Second, it analyzes your post and your website helping you to find the best keywords that will help draw in search traffic. Lastly, it helps you to find ways to create internal (and external) links that will drive even more of that precious Google Juice. Cost: Around $100 per month.

As a bonus, pair it with Premise for awesome landing pages too.

4. Infusionsoft

When your website goes from a place where you are generating awareness and demonstrating expertise to a place where you are sending leads from your off-line marketing, speaking, and other promotions, you need to have more than just landing pages and email tools. You need a built in CRM that tracks how people are getting to your web site, which ones are buying, and helps you to determine which promotional tools are working for you.

Infusionsoft has terrific tools for landing pages, a top-notch email system (for regular mailings, promotional mailings and auto-responders) that make it easy for you to target specific prospect segments with different messages. When I’m in Infusionsoft I feel like I have a web marketing multi-tool — the possibilities are endless. Cost: $200 – $400 per month.

As a bonus pair it with CustomerHub and create a membership site that integrates with the Infusionsoft CRM database.

5. Hubspot

What doesn’t Hubspot do for you? Now that’s a great question… Landing Pages, check! Lead Management, check! Forms and opt-ins, check! SEO, social and blogging tools, check! Plus, who has more amazing inbound marketing knowledge to share? Cost: $200 – $1000 per month.

So which solution is right for your business? How important is your website to your overall marketing? How much do you depend on it to fill your new business funnel? The more important that website is, the more leads it drives, the more you can benefit from automation.

How have you automated your web marketing?


  1. So which is your top pick, Infusionsoft or Hubspot?

    • Mana,

      I think they are different tools for different jobs. Hubspot is great at helping you to increase traffic and get visitors into the top of your funnel. Infusionsoft helps you to nurture the leads in your funnel and get them to buy things.

      The hidden value to Hubspot’s offering is their FANTASTIC training. You can take someone who is pretty new to web marketing and make them proficient in just a few weeks. Truly valuable.

      Infusionsoft is the website multi-tool. It can do so much — but the learning curve is steeper.

      Would be happy to talk more…

  2. I’m a huge fan of Mailchimp, especially their autoresponder. I used it to send out an essay a month for a friend, and recently I used it to send out the first chapter of my book – https://twitter.com/TeecycleTim/status/418947204225581056 Great resource.

  3. Nice! We(8 people company) only use MailChimp from this list extensively. mainly for email marketing and AeroLeads,SalesLoft for generating outbound leads. Rest we prefer to do it manually. I guess for smaller organisations doing most of it manually would be a better option:)

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