4 ways to include your team in the hiring process

It might be tempting to approach the hiring process in a do-it-yourself fashion. After all, as the leader of your business, you know what you’re looking for. You have the details of the role you’re hiring for and likely have an ideal candidate in mind, too.

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But often times, including your team in the hiring process means a you’ll achieve a more well-rounded approach to hiring. Getting outside perspective from your team not only shows you trust and respect their opinions, but means they will be more on board with the new hire when the final decision is made.

There 4 are main ways you can include your team in the hiring process.

#1: Evaluating a specific skill.

Each one of your team members has a certain area of expertise you can tap into during the hiring process. For example, your Communications Manager would be best at evaluating a candidate’s communication style, writing performance, interpersonal communication skills, etc. By allowing your team members to assess a potential hire’s skills based on their own, you might get some interesting insight based on what they notice in their one-on-one interview sessions.

#2: Asking different questions.

Your interview candidate is going to be on high alert while speaking with you (the boss.) But when he or she speaks with different team members answering different questions, certain qualities can become more clear. Rather than each of you asking the same questions over and over, posing varied questions means your candidates are more apt to let their guard down and spotlight character traits that might not come out while answering questions with the team leader.

#3: Assessing fit with company culture.

Company culture is defined by your team–not just you. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to include your valuable team members when deciding on a new member to add to that team. Gather input from each department to see how they feel the candidate fits within your current company culture. This is a perfect way to spot any red flags before making an offer, too. The last thing you want to do is bring in a new person who creates conflict within your office culture.

#4: Eliminating blind spots.

You might not see the fact that an interviewee has any major pitfalls if you have your hiring blinders on. Face it: It’s easy to get set on a certain candidate and not notice their flaws. But when you have other key team members in on the hiring process, they can help point out those blind spots and save you from a major hiring faux-pas. Team feedback can be a lifesaver during interviews.

Make the hiring process a team effort

When your team members feel like an important part of the hiring process, they feel their value within your business. They see that you turn to them for perspective and can see that they’re being heard. That in itself is extremely valuable.

Sure, it might extend your interview period by a few days, but it makes your hiring strategy more effective, too.

Bottom line: The hiring process has to include more than just you. Two minds are better than one…so imagine the power of multiple minds.

What about you? What other ways do you include your team in hiring?

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