4 benefits of hiring a college graduate

graduate-300x199While you can never replace experience, there is always something to be said for the age of youth. Many companies and businesses are beginning to hire more and more recent graduates, as the children of the baby boomers steadily graduate from high school and college and begin to enter the professional world in droves. While many companies may be hesitant to hire young people straight out of college, especially for positions holding large amounts of responsibility, there are actually many reasons why a recent college graduate can not only hold their own, but be hugely beneficial, in a modern business environment.

Here are some of the top reasons why any business stands to benefit from a few smart hires from recent graduates:

1. Fresh perspective.

A recent college graduate is just entering the professional world. They will be from an entirely new generation that has experienced the world in a different way than professionals 20 years their senior. While they may not have the perspective that professional experience offers, they do have the ability to look at things with a fresh, new outlook. Recent grads can often breathe new life into stagnated projects. They will be much more willing to look at problems from different angles and offer unique solutions, rather than succumbing to the pressure of the way “things have always been done.”

2. Determination to succeed.

Recent college graduates, along with their fresh perspective on any given industry, are also primed to want success immediately. While this can sometimes cause a bit of a conflict between the newer and more seasoned professionals, there is no reason to say that this desire for success is a negative. Recent graduates just came out of a college system that pushed them and asked them to compete, and they were able to see immediate rewards for their efforts. Because of this, recent grads carry that drive with them as they enter the professional world.

3. In touch with the newest cultural trends.

Anyone who graduated from college in the recent past is going to be highly aware of cultural trends. They may not even know how aware they are because this, in fact, is their culture. College graduates see the world from a perspective that has been defined by their own experiences, and they are the ones who will redefine the cultures to come. If you want input on what is popular or what will work with young people, the best bet is to ask a recent college grad.

4. Grew up online.

One of the biggest things that recent graduates have that no other generation does is the fact that they grew up with the internet. The web has a language all its own, and young people know how to speak it. Facebook was originally developed for college students, and anyone who was in school within the last five years knows how to navigate all sorts of social media networks with finesse. This is not something they had to learn, it was simply the world they entered. Any business looking for professional help with a social media presence would be remiss if they didn’t consider a recent graduate.

This guest post comes courtesy of Mariana Ashley, who frequently gives advice on applying to online schools to prospective students. Reach her at mariana.ashley031@gmail.com.


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