The 2015 Guide to Using LinkedIn

You’ve heard stories from other business owners about how they’ve been using LinkedIn to find clients and employees, to drive traffic to their website content, and build their business; but every time you visit the site it’s more confusing. In this all-new webinar we have gathered two experts, Dave Delaney and Brad Farris, who each successfully use LinkedIn to build their business.

What you’ll learn:

  • Who to connect with and how to deal with others.
    How to obtain recommendations and endorsements — and strategies for using them in new and creative ways.
    How to use LinkedIn publishing to raise your profile, increase your email newsletter subscribers and bring traffic to your website.
    The best ways to use LinkedIn Groups to enhance your profile and attract qualified traffic.

and much more!


Brad-Farris-Profile smallBRAD FARRIS is a small business advisor, speaker, author and co-host of the Breaking Down Your Business podcast. He’s the Principal Advisor at Anchor Advisors, a small business consulting firm in Chicago where he’s been helping small business owners grow their business for nearly 15 years. He is also the Founder of, an online community where small business owners get the tools, resources and support they need to grow their business.

Dave DelaneyDAVE DELANEY is a digital marketing consultant, keynote speaker, author and podcaster. In his acclaimed book, New Business Networking (Pearson), he writes about the importance of combining online and offline tools and techniques to grow your professional network. In October 2014, Dave was the keynote speaker at LinkedIn’s LinkedIn Live Conference in Nashville, TN. Learn more about how Dave helps his clients understand digital marketing, social media strategy and better business networking at

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